2 Post 4 Ton Automatic Lock Lift with 3 stage arms

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SKU: EL240 Category:


The  EL240 two-column lift is an automatic electro-hydraulic lift. The large reach of the arms and the 4-tonne lifting capacity allow lifting passenger cars, SUVs and smaller vans. Free access to the wheels and chassis makes it a universal tool for work in the workshop.

Key information about the lift :


  • long range of arms
  • automatic lift height lock controlled by electromagnets
  • a low threshold between the columns protects the steel cable, which synchronizes the work of the lift
  • has special 80mm extension adapters as standard, which facilitate lifting off-road vehicles and delivery trucks

The EL240 lift is equipped with the necessary safeguards required by the CE documentation. This guarantees long and safe work in the workshop.

The lift is designed for installation in covered, closed rooms without any obstacles. Working temperature in the range from -10 ° C to 40 ° C.


Installation requirements:

Variant no.1

  • The substrate with the strength of min. C20 / 25 and thicknesses of min. 150 mm
  • Mounting surface: 1.5 m from the anchoring point

Variant no.2

  • The substrate with the strength of min. C20 / 25 and thicknesses of min. 250 mm
  • Foundation plate 4000 x 2000 mm

The lift can be supplied with either single or three-phase power at no extra charge

Price On Request


Lifting capacity 4,000 kg
The hight of raising 1,900 mm
Minimum height 98 mm
Shoulder length 740 – 1,310 mm
The height of the columns 2,844 mm
The width between the columns 2,810 mm
Maximum vehicle width 2,580 mm
Overall width 3,420 mm
Lifting time 60 pp
Electric supply 230V / 50 Hz
Power 2.6 kW

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