Air Regulator with Pressure Gauge Water Trap and Filter Redats P-770 1/2″” PRO

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SKU: 05-01-75 Category:


Why is it worth buying a regulator with a pressure gauge, a filter and a steam trap?
The regulator with a water trap and a filter is used to regulate the working pressure in pneumatic systems and to compensate for possible pressure deviations. This product is the perfect addition to any pneumatic installation. Its purpose is to clean the air of solid particles, oil residues and other impurities from the condensate.

Benefits of air purification
Install a water trap in your pneumatic system and ensure trouble-free operation of all devices. Thanks to the removal of condensate, you will prevent rusting of pneumatic tools, you will remove stains appearing when painting with a gun, and you will also avoid getting moisture inside the devices.

Excellent build quality
The product ensures excellent durability at all times – the housing is made of aluminum alloy, the filter bowl is made of durable polycarbonate, and the canister cover is made of aluminum alloy.


Working Temperature : 0°C to +60°C
working pressure : 0.5 – 12 bars
Air connection : 1/2″
Material : container cover – aluminum alloy, Housing – aluminum alloy, filter container – polycarbonate
Gauge scale : 0 – 16 bar / 0 – 230 psi
Standard filter : 5 micrometers (possibility of using 40 micrometers – on your own)
Flow value for max. pressure : 3400 l/min
Warranty : 24 months
Warranty for companies : 12 months


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