Autel TPMS MX-SENSOR sensors with aluminum valve Set of 12

SKU: 562-3510B12 Category:


SKU: 562-3510B12 Category:


The Package includes 12 Autel MX-Sensors with an alu valve

MX-Sensor is a programmable TPMS sensor with a frequency of 433 MHz that can replace up to 98% of OE sensors available on the European market.


General information

  • quality and durability comparable to original sensors,
  • replaceable valve made of anodized aluminum resistant to corrosion,
  • adjustable (0 o – 35 o ) valve mounting angle in the sensor allows for fitting to various types of rims,
  • quick and easy assembly on various types of rims.



battery life ≥5 years
operating temperature -40°C to +125°C
storage temperature -40 to +150°C
working humidity 90%
frequency 433MHz
pressure monitoring range  0 to 900kpa
pressure accuracy reading ±10kPa
temperature accuracy reading  ±5°C
dimensions (width x height x depth)  52 x 29.1 x 22.2mm
Weight 17.5g

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