Stick-on / Adhesive Wheel Balancing Weights 12X5G 100 STRIPS WIDE TAPE

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FIVESTARS edgy – with a wide band
Glued, coated 5g weights for aluminum rims
100 x 5g strips – steel, coated, 3.8mm thick

The use of glued weights of the Polish brand FIVESTARS guarantees easy and precise balancing of each type of aluminum rim. Extremely strong adhesive tape from a well-known manufacturer, optimal weight thickness and the use of protective layers are the main advantages of the original products with a star. The offered weights have a matte epoxy coating, which fits perfectly with matte rims in shades of gray and protects against the harmful effects of weather conditions. Choose customer satisfaction and choose FIVESTARS weights!

NEW – coated weights with a wide tape!

Wider tape securing the adhesive strip makes it easier to tear off the cover before sticking

Product Characteristics:

  • Weights protected with a matt epoxy coating against the harmful effects of weather conditions – they perfectly match the rims in shades of gray.
  • A strong adhesive tape fixes the weights securely to the rim without the possibility of them falling off by themselves. We disassemble using a special scraper.
  • The protruding edges of the blue tape make it easier to tear off the cover before gluing – you do not need to take off your gloves or use a knife to remove the tape.
  • The weight of the belt (60g) is divided into 12 x 5g weights, thanks to which we can easily match the mass to the indications on the balancer.
  • The small dimensions of the individual weights increase the flexibility of the strap, which perfectly fits the rim.
  • Packed (in a collective packaging) in hermetic films with a quick closure in 10 packets of 10 strips each.


Technical specifications:

Producer : Five Stars
Type : EDGY
Total height : 3.8 mm
Material : coated steel
Belt weight : 60g
wide tape : Yes
Fixing : glued
Weight : 5g
Package quantity : 100 strips

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