INVENTO AUTEL 433/315 Europe USA MHz 1-Sensor TPMS sensor alu black

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INVENTO 1-Sensor is a programmable TPMS sensor with a dual frequency of 433/315 (Europe and USA) MHz that can replace up to 98% of OE sensors available on the European market.

TPMS INVENTO sensors are programmed with the Autel TS 508 tester after uploading an update to the tester that allows for proper cooperation between the tester and the sensor.

For update instructions, please send us a message after purchasing the sensors.


The dual sensor frequency of 433/315 MHz facilitates the management of the sensor warehouse, because we can program it for a European (433 MHz ) and US (315 MHz) vehicle with one type of sensor.

INVENTO sensors are 100% traceable, which means that we can clone the original sensor without having to relearn.


INVENTO TPMS 1-Sensor is available with 3 different valves:

  • aluminum
  • aluminum black
  • rubber


General information:

  • quality and durability comparable to original sensors,
  • replaceable valve,
  • adjustable (0 o – 35 o ) angle of mounting the valve in the sensor allows it to be adapted to various types of rims,
  • quick and easy assembly on various types of rims.
  • INVENTO sensor is tested and certified according to industry standard SAE J1205/J1206.


battery life ≥5 years
operating temperature -40 ° C do + 125 ° C
storage temperature -40 do + 150 ° C
working humidity 90%
frequency 433/315 MHz
pressure monitoring range  0 do 800kpa
pressure accuracy reading ± 10kPa
temperature accuracy reading  ± 5 ° C
dimensions (width x height x depth) 42,2 x 27,9 x 17,4mm
Weight 12 g (without valve)

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