Invento XV550X SKP – 3D Wheel Alignment System

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SKU: INVXV550X-SKP Category:


The Invento XV 550 geometry device is the highest model from the Invento range approved for work on SKP by the TDT institution.

This product is designed to work with a scissor or four-column lift. It was made in the technology of high-resolution cameras and thanks to this the device has very low glare. Aluminum, lightweight handles are an additional advantage of the XV550X.

The automatic movement of the cameras allows for comfortable work with the lift and does not involve additional mechanics. The additional screen and specialized procedures make it an ideal tool for demanding mechanics. 3D technology guarantees fast and accurate measurement of vehicle geometry.


The TDT certificate allows you to use the device at Vehicle Inspection Stations.


3D technology

The device uses the latest geometry measurement technology – 3D measurement. Thanks to it, the measurement is performed much faster than in a traditional device. Convenience, speed, repeatability of measurements – these are the most important advantages of this technology.

High-resolution cameras allow for continuous observation of the arrangement of squares on the reflections, thanks to which the results are accurate and updated on an ongoing basis.


Passive reflectors

No electrical devices on the wheels, no cables and no signal between the heads and the device – special plastic cameras/reflectors. This allows you to avoid costly calibrations or repairs in the event of heads falling. No problems with battery charging or lack of signal is an important element of ease of use.


Automatic height adjustment of the cameras

The cameras constantly track the position of the reflectors and when the height of the vehicle changes, they automatically follow up and down.


Schemes of adjustment points

The database contains schemes of adjustment points facilitating the daily operation of the device.


Vehicle status report

It allows you to prepare a report on the condition of the vehicle at the time of accepting it for the workshop. The report allows you to check and write down the condition of tires and their wear, suspension condition, etc.


Adjustment with lifted suspension

The program allows you to “freeze” the results for the time of lifting and perform the standard adjustment procedure with the vehicle raised. This procedure is especially helpful for cases where adjustment requires the vehicle to be lifted which would normally result in a different result.


Adjustment without a wheel

The function allows you to adjust the angles with the wheel removed. This makes it easier to work with hard-to-reach suspensions.

This is possible using special adapters (option).


Stroller/sledge adjustment

A special procedure that facilitates the adjustment, moving the trolley under the engine.


Toe-in adjustment when the wheels are turned

Facilitates the adjustment of toe-in on cars that have an adjustment rod in the upper part of the suspension.


VW procedure – change of the convergence curve

Allows toe-in adjustment on vehicles with multi-link front suspension. It measures the toe-in of each wheel as the suspension undergoes shock and rebound (compression and expansion of the springs).

A special beam with adapters (option) is required for the measurement.


Camber of the wheel at toe =0

With this procedure, you can measure the camber of the left and right front wheels separately at zero toe. This procedure is recommended for vehicles with high caster value, e.g. Mercedes Benz.


geometry system 3D
Number of cameras 2
Convergence range ± 20º
Range wheels ± 10º
Lead Angle Range pin ± 20º
Power 230V, 50Hz
Head holders 13 – 26”
Tread range 1100-1800mm
Wheelbase range 1800-4700mm



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