Motorcycle Overlays for Redats Tyre Changer Jaws – 4 pieces

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SKU: 12-01-62 Category:


  • Jaw caps extend the capabilities of a standard passenger tire changer with the ability to assemble and disassemble smaller motorcycle wheels.
  • The jaws are at right angles.
  • A simple and solid construction with a counter screw allows the installation of overlays on jaws with different profiles.
  • The wide range of applications of the overlays is due to the possibility of mounting the jaws in three spacing positions.
  • The use of jaws allows you to work with smaller wheels, e.g. from: scooters, motorcycles, quads or industrial trucks.

The product sold here is a consumable item. The warranty for this product does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs as a result of normal use.


Maximum tooth width of tire changer jaws : 48mm
Maximum width of the base of the jaws of the tire changer : 32mm
Length / Width : 130mm / 57mm
Overall height : 120 mm (base) + 40 mm (jaw)
Rim mounting : reduce the minimum range of the externally mounted rim by 4″
Quantity in the set : 4 pcs.
Warranty : 24 months
Warranty for companies : 12 months


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