Mounting paste DELTA Acrylmed red rim sealant 4 kg

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DELTA Acrylmed mounting ointment

is one of the most commonly used pastes in vulcanization workshops. Its advantage is the ease of application, not drying out, even if you forget to close the lid, and a maximum shelf life of 360 days. It does not splash and it is enough to apply only a thin layer to facilitate quick and precise mounting of the tire on the rim. Suitable for mounting and dismounting virtually any tire. It effectively prevents the tires from seizing up and damaging their bead during assembly and disassembly. It is enriched with an anti-corrosion, sealing and anti-slip additive.

Delta RED is distinguished by an increased amount of sealant.

Benefits of using the paste:

  • easier and quick tire mounting with less effort
  • reducing the load on the tire changer drive
  • protects the tire bead and rim during assembly
  • seals the contact point between the tire and the rim
  • ensures that the tire is centered on the rim
  • has an anti-corrosive effect on the rim edge
  • preserves the tire and prevents stiffness
  • prevents the tire from sticking to the rim


Technical specifications:
Recommended period of use :
Color :
Composition :
Weight :
4 kg
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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