Pads for the Chuck’s Jaws – 4 pcs. HOFMANN MEGAPLAN CORMACH

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SKU: 12-01-69 Category:


  • The overlays on the jaws for the tire changer protect the rim of the aluminum rims from scratching when clamped on the assembly table.
  • After placing the overlays on the jaws, the assembly of alloy wheels is much less stressful and time-consuming, as there is no fear of damaging the customer’s wheels and possible complaint of the service.
  • The covers are made of strong plastic and adhere well to the jaw profile. Mounting with latches prevents them from breaking off by themselves.
  • They fit jaws with a tooth width of 44mm. Short collar with additional wire snap at the back.

Dedicated, among others for mounting machines:

  • HOFMANN MEGAPLAN: catalog number 2015087.

The product sold here is a consumable item. The warranty for this product does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs as a result of normal use.


Technical specifications:

Producer : HOFMANN



The maximum width of the tooth of the jaws of the fitting machine : 44 mm
Type : short
Material : Composite
Quantity in set : 4 pcs



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