Clear Tyre Paste for mounting truck and car tyres 5l

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The INVENTO TRUCK assembly paste has special properties that facilitate the assembly and disassembly of truck and agricultural tires as well as super elastic tires. A specially developed formula provides anti-slip properties thanks to the use of natural resins. It also contains anti-corrosion additives.

The use of the paste allows for quick and precise assembly and proper positioning of the tire on the rim, and effectively prevents the sticking of truck tires and damage to their bead during high overloads during assembly and disassembly.

Purpose and properties:

  • Easier fitting of truck and agricultural tires
  • Prevention of tire bead damage during disassembly
  • Sealing the connection between the tire and the rim
  • Ensures accurate positioning of the tire on the rim
  • Corrosion protection
  • Dedicated to tires with a high coefficient of friction


Packaging: 5l
Recommended period of use: truck and agricultural tires
Colour: yellow
Composition: water-based
Consistency: hard, transparent during application
Drying time: dries slowly
storage temperature -15 degrees C to +50 degrees C


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