Paste gel for washing hands 0.5l STRONG (semi-liquid blue)

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SKU: 593-2024 Category:


STRONG hand washing paste, thanks to its unique formula with the addition of cellulose, shows excellent effectiveness even with the most difficult dirt .

Contains high-quality raw materials for thorough removal of soot, paint, printing ink, tar, asphalt, etc. without damaging the skin. It easily removes typical skin impurities that arise when working on cars, e.g. burnt oil, grease stains, tar stains or very dirty brake dust.

Contains abrasive microbeads that clean the skin down to the pore layer. The product does not contain sand, so it does not clog drainage systems. Adapted to the protective layer of the skin and non-alkaline. Economical to use.

The new, 0.5-liter variant of the packaging for the STRONG semi-liquid paste makes it possible to get to know the advantages of the product also in the case of running a small workshop – so far, the semi-liquid paste was available only in a 4-liter package, for which a dispenser and a recommended wall mount are required.

Semi-liquid paste in an independent test of workshop chemicals for washing hands among a group of vulcanization workshops and mechanics, gained recognition due to its very good effectiveness, appropriate consistency, various sizes of packaging, competitive price and pleasant smell.

Dermatologically tested and easy to rinse.


  • Packaging: 0.5 l

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