Pneumatic balloon Air jack 4.5T REDATS HIGH 3 STAGE

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A reinforced structure and quality material make this car jack a must purchase for any workshop or garage.Maximum capacity: 4.5 tonnes.

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Airbag has three levels made of reinforced rubber. Corrosion resistant as the structure has been galvanised. A thicker rubber bag means greater capacity. Jack includes inlet/outlet valves of greater flow which minimise bag inflation time. A thick handle means manouvering underneath the car is easier.

A universal solution
The lifting capacity of this jack is 4.5 tons. Thanks to this, it will work well with both passenger cars and delivery vans.

Will get under most cars.
In the initial position, this balloon jack is 15.5 cm. Raises up to 44 cm. Thanks to this, it will provide you with convenient access to various elements of the car – for example, when changing tires or brakes.

Comfortable movement
The balloon jack has large wheels – their size is 79×35 mm. Thanks to this, you can easily move it anywhere in your vulcanization – even on a hard or uneven surface.

Ready to go
Simply connect this snowman to your compressor – 6 bar working pressure required – and you’re ready to go!

Perfect stability
The jack is equipped with a special metal telescope. Thanks to this, it will provide much better stability during lifting – the car on the lift will not swing sideways. A rubber disc (110 mm in diameter) perfectly protects the lifted vehicle and prevents it from slipping.

Perfect safety
As standard, this balloon jack is equipped with a safety valve. This part protects the lift from exceeding the safe pressure – if the pressure in the system reaches 8.3 Bar, the valve cuts off the air supply. The valve itself is located on the main arm – not on the handle – so there is no risk of the handle catching on other objects while maneuvering.

Perfect seal
This jack is equipped with two valves – inlet and outlet. This ensures a perfect seal – even when you disconnect the compressed air hose.


Type :
Maximum lifting capacity :
4.5 tons
Maximum height :
44 cm
Minimum Height :
15.5 cm
Length with handle :
108.5 cm
working pressure :
6 bar
Cushion (bellows) diameter :
33 cm
Weight :
24 kg

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