Pneumatic impact wrench 1500Nm REDATS P-160 1/2 "+ 1/4 plug

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New solutions, better quality!
The huge popularity of the previous model meant that its successor, the REDATS P-160, was created! New, even nicer design is not everything! The new model uses the latest technological solutions that improve the comfort of working with the key and its operation.

Why this key?
There is no shortage of keys on the market, why should you buy REDATS P-160? Below are some reasons why you should choose this product:
1. Smooth and gentle steering from one hand (3 levels of adjustment for unscrewing and 1 level for unscrewing)
2. High standard of workmanship
3. Exceptional power
4. Composite body ensuring “warm touch” and “firm grip”
5. Low weight and perfect balance

You don’t know if it’s worth it? read on

Effective work
Difficult screws? With REDATS P-160 you will forget about this problem! Huge power (up to 1500 Nm) will make you unscrew every screw without any problems – even if it is tightly seized!

Choice for years
Contrary to cheap keys, the casings of which are often made of low-quality metal, REDATS P-160 is based on a casing made of high-quality composite, ensuring the so-called “” warm touch “and” firm grip “”. The durability of the key is so long that it can easily withstand a really long period of use in difficult conditions. In a word – it is an investment for many seasons!

Twice as strong
The device is equipped with a twin hammer mechanism. It is thanks to this proven solution that REDATS P-160 will provide you with excellent performance in all conditions – two hammers rotate around the spindle, which results in enormous power, necessary for comfortable work even with difficult screws.

Easy setting with one hand
The REDATS P-160 key is even easier (compared to the previous ATS P-150 model) to adjust the settings to your current needs, because it has a power and direction change system that you can operate with one hand! The key provides 4 levels of adjustment: 3 levels of adjustment for screwing and 1 level for unscrewing. In addition, an extremely precise trigger will allow you to quickly adjust the speed of rotation and even better comfort of operations.

Perfect precision
The wrench is light (only 2.20 kg) and has a perfectly balanced center of gravity. All this will make the device perfectly fit in your hand – this is a convenience that pays off in long and tiring work with screws!


Technical specifications:

Producer : REDATS


Maximum torque : 1500 Nm
Unscrewing / tightening adjustment : 3 step tightening, 1 step loosening
Working pressure : 6.3 Bar
Noise Level : 80 dBA
Rotation speed : 8000 rpm
Air consumption : medium 150 l / min
Inlet Diameter : 1/4 “
Socket mandrel : 1/2 “
Extras included : 1/4 “male plug for quick coupler


Allen key

Compliance with Directive 2006/42 / EC : Yes
Weight : 2.2 kg



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