Shamal 3Hp 200 Litre 220V Air Compressor Sb38c-200

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An ideal compressor for car mechanics who can use it to run basic air tools, half inch wrenches and spray paints.

SKU: SB38-200 Category:


This single-stage compressor has a very reliable pump with a cylinder that is cast iron and wide finned surfaces for better cooling. Quality lubrication is possible due to its over-sized crankcase. As it is wheel mounted it is highly portable. It has twin piston pumps, cast iron aluminium pumps and is well lubricated. Maximum pressure is 145 PSI 10 Bar and air displacement is 13.8 cfm cubic feet per metre. This product is CE marked from the professional line of compressors.

It’s oversized crankcase guarantees excellent lubrication.

This Shamal single phase belt drive compressor from the shamal professional line of compressors, is our most popular and is remarkable for heavy duty work, as well as smaller workshops and garages. This is the ideal compressor for car mechanics who can use this to run half inch wrenches, spray paints, and run the basic air tools for a mechanic. It is highly portable as it is wheel mounted, with cast iron aluminium pumps, twin piston pumps, and is well lubricated.

Air displacement – 13.8 cfm cubic feet per minute

Max pressure: 145 PSI 10 Bar

They are single stage – they go up to 10 bar pressure. 145 PSI maximum pressure

CE marked from the professional line of compressors.


Pump: HY B3800B
Tank (L): 200
Power( Hp/kW): 3/2,2
Cylinder (n°): 2
Max Press. (bar/PSI): 10/145
Lubricated: SI
RPM: 100
Air displacement ( l/min./CFM): 390/13,8
Voltage Frequence (Volt/Hz): 230/50
Gross weight (kg/lbs): 108/238,1
Box dimensions (WxDxH): 1435x475x1125


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