STANDARD manual tyre changer for truck wheels

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SKU: 11-00-22 Category:


A practical kit for self-replacement of tubeless tires in the wheels of trucks, semi-trailers, buses and agricultural vehicles.

The offered set of mounting buckets is used for mounting and dismounting tubeless tires for truck wheels. The specially profiled shape of the tips and handles as well as the perfect balance and selected length of the spoons guarantee maximum efficiency with minimum effort. This set is a perfect complement to the equipment of trucks, lorries, construction and agricultural machinery, in a word, any vehicle whose downtime costs you dearly.

The kit includes:

Element Quantity Length Libra
Mounting bucket: 1 109cm 2kg
Dismantling bucket: 1 123cm 6.5 kg
Third hand: 1 0.5 kg
Weight of the whole set: 9kg


Technical specifications:
Mounting bucket length :
1090 mm
Dismantling Bucket Length :
1230 mm
Third hand :
Set weight :

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