TECH / HAMATON T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 3200 Clamp-In TPMS Sensor

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The 3-in-1 Universal Sensor

Configurable | Programmable | Multi-Protocol

  • Configurable: configure in 1-3 seconds, as protocols covering a high percentage of vehicles are stored on the sensor
  • Programmable: add new protocols as they become available, future-proofing stock
  • Multi-Protocol (pre-programmed): install on most BMW and Mercedes vehicles without programming
  • Compatible with leading diagnostic tools, including those manufactured by ATEQ
  • LOS, WAL, PAL, SAL and WASP auto-location technologies
  • Designed for an optimal fit with OE and aftermarket wheels
  • Powerful Maxell battery and the latest NXP chip
  • 3-year sensor warranty*

*While sensors have a 3-year warranty, valves are warranted for two years. However, the valve must be serviced/replaced when the tyre bead is broken to uphold the sensor warranty.



Nut Torque: 5.0Nm

Screw Torque: 1.4Nm

Barcode: 5055563028898

Comparative Part Numbers: HTS-A68BM, HAM-S500


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