The Third Hand – Pressure for Truck Tyres

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SKU: 28-00-02 Category:


Manual truck tire presser – Third hand

Manual truck tire holder, called the third hand. This device makes it easier to put truck, agricultural and construction tires on the rim by locking the tire below the rim edge.
The holder can be used both when working with an automatic tire changer and a manual set of assembly spoons.
It is enough to snap the partially mounted tire in two or three places by placing the handle on the edge of the rim and calmly finish mounting the remaining part of the tire.
Clamp made of strong cast iron resistant to high stresses and abrasions on steel rims.


Producer : REDIT
Type : third hand
Application : truck tires
Material : cast iron
Warranty : 24 months
Warranty for companies : 12 months


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