Tyre cutting machine RILLFIT SIX Jigsaw for Tread RUFF

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The German company RUFF is the first manufacturer of professional tire cutting machines and a world leader in the production of transformers . The RILLFIT SIX model is the fruit of their 60 years of experience on the market and continuous improvement of the design. The TUV quality certificate confirms the reliability of the device and the safety of use.
The RILLFIT 6 jigsaw for tires is the most modern device of this type available on the market.
The cutter is equipped with a modern toroidal transformer with thermal protection , which, compared to standard, shaped transformers, is distinguished by:

  • more stable operation without faults
  • increased mechanical strength
  • lower power consumption while obtaining similar parameters
  • less distortion of the transmitted signal, which extends the life of the blades
  • less weight

The dredging process itself is extremely simple and after a few attempts we are able to recreate the pattern of the original tread ourselves. The cost of purchasing this type of device at the current prices of a similar service in the workshop is returned after the renovation of the tread for one TIR set.

For professional tire companies, RUFF has prepared a special stand for precise tread deepening. An automated rotary drive with speed control and a system of rollers and guides make the work extremely effective and pleasant for the operator.

Characteristics of the RILLFIT 6 cutter:

  • HI-TECH toroidal transformer with thermal protection
  • NON-STOP operation system , the head of the handle heats up only under the pressure of knives on the rubber
  • The ergonomic handle, with a specially profiled handle for precise guidance on the tire surface, guarantees maximum maneuverability.
  • Flexible power cable with anti-kink reinforcements , up to 180 cm long !
  • The housing made of durable plastic tightly protects the interior against moisture and various dirt, and is also lightweight.
  • The device can be safely mounted on the wall.
  • The four-stage adjustment of the heating force allows you to adjust the power to the profile of the deepened tread and the speed of cutting the tire.
  • A handle for easy carrying
  • 230V single-phase power supply
  • The device meets the European safety standards CE, TUV, GS

The kit includes:

  • RILLFIT 6 cutter with all accessories
  • Tool for adjusting the depth of the cutter when mounting it in the head.
  • R3 knives – 2 pcs.

Benefits of regrooving the tread:

  • Reduction of vehicle operating costs – Mileage on the same tire longer by 20-25% of the original value.
  • Improved road safety – Increased wheel grip and better drainage of water on wet surfaces.
  • Less money spent at the gas station – Fuel consumption is reduced by 6-10% thanks to lower rolling resistance
  • Postponed tire replacement – A recessed tire has an extended service life, so you can use it longer than usual.
  • Conscious responsibility for the natural environment – Reduced CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and more efficient use of rubber materials.


Transformer adjustment :
Stage 1 – 80W -1.67V / 48A
Stage 2 – 120W -1.91V / 63A
Stage 3 – 160W – 2.24V / 71.5A
Stage 4 – 240W – 2.71V / 88.5A
Power supply :
230V / 50-60Hz
Hose Length :
180 cm
Production :
Working Mode :
NON-STOP system, heating under pressure
Housing :
Weight :
about 3.88 kg

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