Valve for pressure sensor Shrader SEL TPMS-08 – 4 pieces

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SKU: 03-02-22 Category:


Valve for pressure sensors TPMS-08
Aluminum replacement Schrader Snap-in REV4
  • The offered TPMS valve is a high-quality replacement for the factory TPMS Schrader valves. Equipped with an identical mounting socket for the pressure sensor of this manufacturer.
  • Choosing a more durable aluminum valve allows you to save on regular valve replacements, which is a requirement for a rubber valve.
  • This valve is bolted, not dragged, as in the Snap-in model, which makes the connection to the rim safer and better withstands overloads.
  • In addition, the painted aluminum valve body looks much better on aluminum rims than its black counterpart.
  • Two seals are responsible for the tightness of the connection, blocking the pressure drop in the wheel in 100%.
  • The use of a plastic valve cap protects against clogging of the threads and facilitates unscrewing before pumping.
  • The valve fits all standard rims with a mounting hole diameter of 11.3 mm.

Valve compatible with Schrader Snap-in REV4 sensors (total valve length 56mm)

Schrader Snap-in sensors are the most common in the following brands: Chrysler, Citroen, Peugeot, Dodge, Jeep. The example marking on the sensor is: 9683420380, 56029398AA-AB.


Technical specifications:
Application :
TPMS Schrader Snap-in (selected models)
Height from the rim:
33 mm
Lacquer aluminum
Rim hole:
11.3mm + 0.4mm
Valve head diameter:
16 mm
Total height:
56 mm
Quantity in set:
4 pcs

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