The balancing machine is equipped with an LED display coupled with extremely precise piezoelectric sensors with an unbalance accuracy of 1 g. The advantage of the machine is the built-in foot brake, which allows the spindle to be blocked in the place of imbalance, which facilitates precise loading of the weight.

The REDATS W-100 wheel balancer is an exceptionally user-friendly device, mainly due to its simple operation, ease of entering data read from the boom and compass, and small dimensions. It is the small size that formed the basis of the design of the machine, making it ideal for mobile vulcanization services or small workshops. The elimination of the drive motor and the wheel cover allowed to reduce the weight to 50 kg, while maintaining the full functionality of the tire balancer.

Application includes wheels for passenger cars and vans.


  • Dynamic balancing – for car wheels
  • weights hammered on both sides (steel and aluminum rims)
  • Weights glued on both sides at the outer edges (aluminum rims)
  • a weight hammered on the inside and glued on the outside behind the arm (aluminum rims)
  • weight glued on the inside and glued on the outside behind the arm (aluminum rims)
  • static balancing – for narrow (motorcycle) wheels


  • quick-lock nut,
  • four centering cones 43 – 135 mm,
  • tongs (vulcanizing tongs) for punching weights,
  • 100g calibration weight,
  • vulcanization calipers for measuring wheel width,
  • large sleeve with rubber,
  • small sleeve,
  • shaft 36×195 with mounting thread,
  • 3 hangers with plastic washers,
  • Allen key.



Producer : REDATS W-100
Type : semi-automatic
Application : passenger cars and vans
Power supply : 230V 50Hz
Rim diameter : 10 “- 24”
Rim width : 1.5 “- 20”
Hidden weight program : no
Programs for ALU rims : 3
Auto-ALU program : lack
Speech synthesizer : lack
Maximum wheel weight : 65 kg
Measure cycle time : 8 seconds
Shank Diameter : 36mm (diameter) x 3mm (thread pitch)
Operators memory : lack
Rotation speed : 80 rpm
Noise Level : <70 dB
Engine power : not applicable
Display : LED
Min.threshold of unbalance : 1g
Shaft lock : Footbrake
Additional Features : Autocalibration



Maximum energy consumption : 50 watts
Elevator : no
Unbalance positioner : led diodes
Automatic data input : lack
Standard equipment : 4x Cone (43-66.65-85.84-102.94-135)


1x Pliers


1x 100 g calibration weight


1x Quick-lock nut (for manual drive)


1x Small sleeve


1x Large bushing + rubber


1x Measuring compass


1x Threaded shaft 36 * 3


1x User Manual


3x Hanger with washers

Dimensions (H x D x W) : 760 x 560 x 1030 mm
Weight : 50 kg
Warranty for companies : 12 months (with the possibility of extension)

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