1/2 "MANNESMANN 40-210Nm torque wrench

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SKU: 07-02-36 Category:


What jobs?
It is the perfect choice for tightening wheels – the required torque is usually 80-120 Nm. It will also work when tightening threaded connections with a safe, factory-indicated force (range 40 – 210 Nm).

Useful tool
It is a universal wrench that will prove itself in many applications in the workshop. Durable construction and easy adjustment will make your work a pleasure!

Purchase for years
Buy this wrench and enjoy the tool for many years. The durable structure ensures that even with intensive use in workshop conditions, the wrench provides excellent reliability.

Force adjustment
The handle allows easy adjustment of the maximum tightening force – it can be read from the scale engraved on the shaft. In addition, thanks to the screw lock installed in the base, the settings will not suddenly change during tightening. The characteristic “click” and feel in the hand indicate that the indicated tightening torque has been reached.

Convenience of activities
The torque wrench is equipped with a rough handle, thanks to which it does not slip out of the hand while working. The tool is packed in a hard, composite case, perfectly resistant to crushing.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by the customer, resulting from improper use, in particular:

  • tool is overloaded
  • use as a prying tool
  • use for a different type of bolt than designed
  • any type of damage indicating improper use

The warranty also does not cover the natural wear and tear of the ratchet ratchet mechanisms.


Technical specifications:
Torque range:
40 – 210 Nm
Tightening torque tolerance:
+/- 4%
1/2 “
1.85 kg
450 mm
Tightening possibility:
right-hand thread
24 months
Warranty for companies:
12 months

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