4 Post 6.4 Ton Alignment Lift

SKU: EL464 Category:

SKU: EL464 Category:


EL464 is a four-column repair lift with a lifting capacity of 6.4 tons and flat ramps up to 5.2 m long. Large lifting capacity and length of the inrun enable the servicing of vans. It is also equipped with an electro-hydraulic drive for quiet and safe operation.

Key information about the lift:

  • securing the lift through pneumatic locks inside the columns
  • the possibility of raising the vehicle to a height of 1.85 m allows free access to the chassis
  • Air operated lock release
  • Hydraulic and mechanical safety devices
  • 24V low voltage control
  • Fully CE approved

TEL464 hoist is equipped with the necessary safety features required by the CE documentation. This guarantees long and safe work in the workshop.

The lift is designed for installation in covered, closed rooms without any obstacles. The working temperature in the range from -10 ° C to 40 ° C.


Lifting capacity 6,400 kg
Maximum lifting height 1,900 mm
Minimum height 178 mm
Overall height 2,362 mm
Inrun length 5,216 mm
Total length 6,502 mm
The width of the platforms 512 mm
Overall width 3,320 mm
Lifting time 60 pp
Electric supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 2.2 kW

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