Adjustable support 750 kg screw shaft

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SKU: 07-02-37 Category:


The stand is designed for car workshops. Facilitates:

  • mechanical repairs (serves as additional support when removing heavy parts)
  • repairs on a single-column lift (better vehicle stability)
  • disassembly / assembly of gearboxes

Easy setup
It is very easy to set the support at the desired height. Look:

  • lifting: hand tighten the butterfly (clockwise)
  • lowering: unscrew the butterfly (counterclockwise)

Wide working range
The support allows you to lift really heavy elements – its lifting capacity is 750 kilograms. The height in the resting state is 134 cm, and its maximum height is 193 cm.

Extra elevation
The punch in this device extends an additional 2 centimeters, so it will provide additional support to the lifted element. A pedal is used to raise the stamp.


Technical specifications:
Maximum height:
193 cm
Minimum height:
134 cm
30 cm
Maximum lifting capacity:
750 kg

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