Bahco BH13000 Compact 3 Ton Trolley Jack

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3 Ton trolley jack designed for lifting the widest range of standard vehicles. Its dual piston system means the number of necessary strokes is halved.

SKU: BH13000 Categories: ,


Extra large foot pedal and curved handle allow for safe, quick and comfortable use. Its improved stopper system prevents deformation and overturning. Rubber saddle protects vehicle surfaces and prevents slipping while foam on the handle prevents vehicle body damage. Silent handling and superb durability due to steel and PU wheels. Dust cover ensures spring and pistons are safe from damage. Includes descent speed control system and safety pressure valve. 90 mm height entrance and 552 mm elevation achievable height. CE certified by OITIA (Official Independent Technical Inspection Association).


Maximum Load: 3 Ton.
Length: 830mm.
Maximum Height: 552mm.
Minimum Height: 90mm.
Weight: 49.5kg.


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