Bead Bazooka 6L2 Bead seater

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Bead Bazooka 6L2 Bead seater

  • New generation of Gaither pressure guns from the USA
  • patented product CERTIFICATE (European TUV / CE certification and ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certification).
  • For pre-inflation of car and truck tires.
  • For cases where the feet do not come into close contact with the rims.
  • The trigger allows you to have both hands on the hopper for more efficient and safer pre-inflation control.
  • The new BEAD BAZOOKA® uses an improved version of the quick release air technology (RAR) of the actuator-operated valve, the new valve can be easily repaired or replaced, thus extending the life of the pressure cannon
  • Anti-corrosion coating of the interior of the tank


The pressure cannon is filled with compressed air simply by connecting it to a compressed air supply or to a compressor. After pressurization, it disconnects and is ready for use.
During inflation, the outlet of the pressure cannon cylinder is directed between the disc / rim and the bead of the tire, the trigger is pressed and the compressed air is released in a flash from the 6-liter tank. It immediately fills the space of the tire and raises its upper sidewall. The bead of the tire fits snugly on the rim. After a sudden pre-inflation, the tire is normally inflated to the correct air pressure (see video below).


Weight: 7,2kg
Work pressure: 10 bar
Usage for: For motorcycle, car, light truck and heavy commercial vehicles
Dimensions: 59 cm x 18 cm x 31 cm
Automatic: no
Tray volume: 6 l


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