FORGED Steel Crimped Wire Scratch Brush Red Handle 25 cm Long

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The offered wire brush is used to remove rust, sand, sediment and other impurities from the rims. The brush is made of aluminum with a forged steel wire. It is also ideal for removing other types of dirt on scratch-tolerant surfaces. Ergonomic construction and profiling of the composite handle make work easier.

Wire brush designed primarily for cleaning metal prior to welding or removing slag after a weld has been made as well as other brushing applications. The 0.35mm diameter brassed steel wire fill is securely held in a heavy duty spine with polypropylene handle.


Technical specifications:

Manufacturer : REDATS

formerly the ATS brand. The change of the ATS brand name to REDATS took place in 2017.

Type: brush
Material: steel
Coating: brass
Handle: composite
Total length: 130 mm



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