Carbide Cutter Tyre Reamer 6 mm

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SKU: 511-1360 Categories: , ,


The carbide cutter with a diameter of 6 mm and an overall length of 90 mm is designed for precise damage treatment and calibration (cleaning and enlarging) of the hole in the case of a radial tyre puncture. Length of working part: 55 mm. Its use allows the removal of steel belting from the damaged spot in the tyre before it is filled with a repair material such as a pin or plug. The cutter can be mounted on any type of drill that has a Jacobs chuck or quick change chuck.

Intended use

The cutter with the above diameter can be used for cleaning and enlarging tyre casing holes in radial and diagonal ply tyres for vehicles of all types but with a tyre speed rating limitation. The diameter of the hole shall not exceed 6 mm and shall be located in a zone of 70-90% of the area of the tyre casing, depending on the type of vehicle and tyre speed rating.


  • The cutter is made of carbide which means that it is made of high-quality sintered carbide ensuring wear resistance and long tool service life.
  • The special profile of the cutter is adapted for the preparation of steel cables and allows professional machining of damage in the tyre.
  • Thanks to its 3-point holder, the cutter fits the most common tool clamping systems, so that it can be securely clamped in a Jacobs chuck or quick-change holder.

Maximum speed: 2,500 rpm.


  • Rotational speed: 2500 rpm
  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Blade length: 55 mm
  • Total length: 90 mm
  • Application: tyre damage calibration

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