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1 box containing 40 Tuck Tyre Repair Strings. Chemicure is both easy to use and economical. It contains only rubber solids loaded into cotton cord so it is solvent free.

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Chemicure can repair the sidewall, shoulder and tread of a bias ply tyre. It can also cure into and last for the duration of the tubeless tyre’s life. Chemicure can mould to fit punctures which are irregular and repair the tread of the radial ply tyre.

Chemicure Truck Repair – 1 Box

1 x Box of 40 Strings.

Chemicure is economical, Easy to use. It contains no solvents, only rubber solids impregnated into cotton cord.

Chemicure will:

  • Mould to fit irregular punctures
  • Cure into and last for the life of the tubeless tyre
  • Repair the tread, shoulder or sidewall of a bias ply tyre
  • Repair the tread of the radial ply tyre

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