Concealed valves for Tuning wheels – 4 pcs

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Twisted hidden valves are a quick, effective and cheap way to increase the visual value of each aluminum rim. There is nothing so bad about an elegant alloy wheel rim as protruding valves, so why not give up this archaic solution in favor of tasteful, nickel-plated valves, which, after unscrewing the inflating adapter, perfectly match the rim edge. After screwing on the cap, the valves become practically invisible and continue to fulfill their role.

Additional advantages of using hidden valves:

  • protection against “pranksters” who are not able to deflate the wheel without our adapter
  • no more air escaping and damage – the valve hidden inside the rim is not exposed to chafing and bending,
  • additional gaskets in the caps seal the connection with the rim even more precisely
  • the bolted rim mounting system guarantees greater durability than standard pull-through valves, which translates into less frequent replacements


Technical specifications:
Total height :
24 mm
Valve head diameter :
11.3 mm
Rim hole :
11.3mm + 0.4mm
Coating :
Application :

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