Corundum wheel for tyre roughening – 35mm

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SKU: 04-01-02 Categories: ,


Corundum wheel for tires

This grinding wheel significantly facilitates and speeds up the process of mechanical roughening of the tire. Built on a metal mandrel, which allows it to be attached to various grinders and drills equipped with a quick-release chuck.

Corundum grinding wheel, compared to ordinary pumice stone:

  • It retains its shape and size for longer – the fine-grained mineral wears out and tears off the body much slower.
  • Abrasives evenly over the entire surface – the grinding wheel always remains smooth, no edges or chips appear.
  • Faster and easier to “bite” into the rubber – facilitates the treatment of larger surfaces or grinding of surplus vulcanized pig iron.


Technical specifications:
Abrasive grit:
35 mm
grinding wheel with mandrel

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