Gaither Bead Saver System

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The patented design of Gaither’s Bead Saver System quickly became the industry standard for changing tubeless truck tires. By using simple principals of leverage, the Bead Saver System® actually works with the tire and rim to do the work for you, in less time, with less strain, at a fraction of the cost of tire changing machines. The Bead Saver System® mounts and dismounts all tubeless truck tires from 17.5” up to 24.5” and all super singles. It’s the safest, fastest, and easiest way ever invented to change tubeless truck tires – guaranteed not to damage tire beads.

There are two versions of the Bead Saver System® in order to accommodate all tubeless tires. The standard version of the Bead Saver System® (12880) is recommended for all standard sized tubeless truck tires. The deluxe version of the system (12880-E) may be necessary for super singles and wide base tires, as well as problematic tires.


  1. Apply Super Slick’em™ before you remove the valve core.
  2. The first bead is dismounted with the clevis and lever bar crook end.
  3. The second bead is dismounted using the Beavertail.
  4. The first bead is mounted using the lever bar spoon end.
  5. The second bead is also mounted using the lever bar spoon end and the Beadkeeper®.
  6. Two Beadkeepers® can be used for a very stiff tire.

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