Hand washing paste 10l STRONG (pink)

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SKU: 593-2030 Category:


An effective  way to clean and protect heavily soiled hands.  Broad spectrum  in terms of removing particularly stubborn dirt from the hands.

STRONG hand washing paste is a proven and effective way to wash and protect heavily soiled hands.

Thanks to the multi-component formula, it has a wide spectrum in terms of removing particularly stubborn dirt from the hands. Perfectly removes even the most stubborn dirt from grease, oil, technical fluids, dust, gasoline, etc.

Specially prepared synthetic abrasive improves the mechanical effectiveness of washing. After washing, it leaves a protective moisturizing layer on the hands and a pleasant almond scent.

Due to the fact that it is lighter than water, it is easy to rinse, does not clog the elements of the sewage system, does not contain sand).

It has a pH of 6.5, skin-friendly, provides a gentle effect.

STRONG paste is perfect for washing hands in car mechanics and tire workshops, industrial plants and in agriculture .


  • Packaging: 10 liters

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