Orbis Wheel Balancing Beads Compound for truck wheels – 8kg

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Wheel Balancing Beads Orbis is a product made of hard and perfectly round glass micro-granules. The granulate actively adapts to changing road conditions, levelling out wheel unbalances, thanks to which it increases tire durability, reduces fuel consumption and reduces wheel vibrations, increasing driving comfort. The product is intended for active balancing of wheels of vans, trucks and buses.

It is an ideal solution for mobile services, balancing aluminium wheels (eliminates the risk of damage to the rim, maintains the aesthetics of the wheel), balancing bus wheels (eliminates the risk of the weight falling off in contact with the curb).

Thanks to the material used, the granules do not rust, melt or crack, they are neutral to the butyl layer and ecological.

Main advantages:

ORBIS granulate easily disperses while driving, adapting to changing road conditions and leveling out wheel imbalances
Antistatic product, thanks to which it moves freely inside the tire (does not stick to the butyl layer)
Durable and ecological
Neutral for the butyl layer of the tire (does not damage the inner layer of the tire)
Harmless to the environment.
Can be used with nitrogen filled tires
On the basis of the table attached to each bucket, measure the appropriate amount of granulate for the size of the tire, using the measuring cup included in the set.


Measure the correct amount of the product for the actual tire size according to the table and pour the appropriate amount of granulate between the rim and the tire using a measuring cup before mounting the tire on the rim.


when introducing the preparation into the tire and before mounting it on the rim, make sure that the preparation has not been spilled in the tire bead area.
the product is intended only for truck, delivery and bus tires, according to the selection table
traditional wheel balancing weights must be removed
improper use of the product, using too much or too little of it, may result in incorrect results of its use.


  • Packaging: 8 kg
  • Application: for active wheel balancing
  • Purpose: wheels of vans, trucks and buses
  • Kit contents: ORBIS SMART BALANCE granules, 8 kg, measuring cup with scale.

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