Pneumatic hose on a reel PVC reel 15m REDATS P-470

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SKU: 05-02-05 Categories: ,


Polyurethane hose on a REDATS reel 15 m

High-quality material
The hose is made of PVC of the highest standard. This material is very resistant to abrasion, bending or other mechanical damage. Thanks to this, you no longer have to worry about the tightness of the pneumatic installation in your workshop or vulcanization.

Perfect length
Up to 15 meters long – this hose will be perfect for any place! Now you can connect even far-placed pneumatic devices or supply power to extensive pneumatic installations.

Comfort of work
For your convenience, we have placed this hose on a special rotating drum with a blockade against sudden self-winding – you unroll it to the desired length and the cable automatically locks on the drum. Thanks to this, you can easily unfold / roll it up whenever you need it.

A wide range of applications
The hose will work wherever there is a pneumatic installation. High durability and high capacity ensure correct supply of pneumatic devices.


Technical specifications:
Length :
Connection length :
approx. 180cm
Working temperature :
-20 ° C – + 75 ° C
Lock against automatic rolling up :
Hose cross-section (outer x inner) :
15 x 9.3 mm
Working pressure :
max. 20 bar
External thread :
1/4 “
Included :
holder and dowels for wall mounting
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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