REDATS 3T Short Pneumatic Balloon Jack

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Pneumatic cushion lift – REDATS short balloon jack

For which cars?
Are you looking for a passenger car lift? Light vans? This balloon jack has a capacity of 3 tons, so it will be perfect!

Buy without worrying about durability
REDATS balloon jack is made of high quality steel. Don’t be afraid of corrosion or deformation, even after years of use.

A perfect fit for (almost) any car
The client came with a low-slung car? No problem! A small resting height (only 14 cm) will make the “snowman” easily fit under the chassis of most cars, allowing it to be easily lifted.

Pressure range
The working pressure of the lift is 6-10 Bar (the safety valve is activated when the pressure of 10 Bar is reached).

Easy to maneuver
We have equipped the snowman with a short handle and comfortable, large wheels. Thanks to this, you can easily maneuver it on various surfaces.

Comfortable handle
The snowman has a short handle (30 cm), so you can easily maneuver it even in tight spaces!

Below we present a video showing the use of a similar ATS / REDATS pneumatic lift in practice.

The video is not an offer and is for preview purposes only.


Technical specifications:

Producer : REDATS

formerly the ATS brand. The change of the ATS brand name to REDATS took place in 2017.

Maximum lifting capacity : 3 tons
Type : short
Maximum height : approx. 38 cm
Minimum height : approx. 14 cm
Cushion diameter (bellows) : approx. 26 cm
Length with handle : 61.5 cm
Working pressure : 6 – 10 bar
Weight : 24 kg



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