Toffee Eraser Wheel Rubber Disc For Removing Glue

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Do you vulcanize? Buy this disc – thanks to it you will quickly remove the remains of glue (e.g. from glued weights) from the rim! The disc will also be useful in a body shop, removing dirt residues from the car body.

Fast action
Mounted on a drill/grinder, it will allow for quick removal of adhesive residues from the surface. With such a disc, you no longer need to use solvents or other chemicals to remove glue residue.

Perfect cleanliness
The product allows you to quickly remove glue residue from any surface, without leaving streaks or other dirt.

No more scratches
The soft rubber from which the disc is made ensures perfect safety for all surfaces on which you will use the disc. There is no risk of unsightly scratches or other damage.

Nice smell
A small thing that makes you happy – this disc has a very pleasant smell. There is no unpleasant smell of rubber here, which sometimes appears with other discs.

The product does not include a drill adapter.


Width :
20 mm
Diameter :
90 mm
Thread Diameter :
8 mm

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