Rubber block for the scissor lift 165 x 120 x 60 mm

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SKU: 15-00-04 Category:


  • Rubber for plate lifts , produced in Poland.
  • It serves as a base for thresholds or other supporting elements of the lifted vehicle. The rubber cube, despite its size and strength, remains flexible.
  • It protects the lifted chassis from scratches or dents, adjusting to the shape of the adjacent element.
  • The reinforced rubber compound used for the production of overlays is distinguished by exceptional resistance to pressure and abrasion (hardness 70 on the Shore scale).
  • Rubber resistant to hydraulic and engine oils, fuels and lubricants, as well as harmful weather conditions or garage chemicals.
  • The mixture is based on newly produced rubber, not recycled granules, which guarantees a longer service life. Rubber does not rub and ages more slowly than recycled products.


Technical specifications:
165 x 120mm
Height (thickness):
60 mm
Dedicated lift:
Plate, platform

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