Tire chalk, marker REDATS – white, waxed, 12 pieces

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SKU: 04-03-11 Category:


What is this product for?
It’s tire chalk. Application:

  • marking the location of tires on the car during seasonal replacement
  • marking the place of damage in a tire or inner tube

Long-term purchase
You will find as many as 12 pieces of chalk in the package. It is enough for the whole season (and maybe longer!)

The REDATS chalk will not break when pressed against the tire, unlike cheaper products.

Clear inscription
The chalk provides a clear inscription on the tire – the inscription is clearly visible.

Permanent inscription
The chalk contains synthetic wax. Thanks to this, the inscription remains on the tire even after washing or bathing in a vulcanization tub. The chalk will only wash off after using a nitro solvent.


Technical specifications:
98 mm
Color: as picture
14 mm
Quantity in a collective packaging:
12 pcs.

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