Tire glue brush Tip Top Special Cement 700ml

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SKU: 04-01-47 Category:


REMA TipTop adhesive brush (large can)

  • The brush, thanks to the appropriate length, reaches the bottom of the can, which enables the full use of the article. Dedicated, among others for adhesives and sealants REMA TipTop in cans of approx. 700 ml
  • The combination of the brush with the tight lid allows the brush to be closed inside the can. The solution prevents drying of the bristles and airing of chemical materials containing solvent.
  • Length of the wooden handle: 16cm
  • Lid diameter: 50mm


Technical specifications:
Rema TipTop
REMA TipTop preparations in a can with a large thread
Shank Length:
160 mm
Lid diameter:
50 mm
24 months
Warranty for companies:
12 months

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