TR600 HP wheel valves REDATS high-pressure valves – 100 pcs

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SKU: 03-01-94 Category:


High-pressure valve for tubeless wheels TR600 HP, dedicated especially to vans and buses, due to the increased pressure resistance of 6.9 Bar. Fits all standard steel and aluminum rims with a 11.3mm valve hole. The valve can be used instead of models TR412, TR413, TR414 or TR418. Choosing a TR600 HP valve is an investment in safety.


Technical specifications:
Rim hole :
11.3mm + 0.4mm
Manufacturer :

formerly the ATS brand. The change of the ATS brand name to REDATS took place in 2017.

Valve head diameter :
17 mm
Coating :
Total height :
44 mm
Application :
passenger cars and vans
Quantity in set :
100 pcs
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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