Tyre changer REDATS M-220-3D Machine with Assistant Arm

SKU: M-220-3D Category:

SKU: M-220-3D Category:


This tyre changer is a great solution for demounting tyres in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. By default, it has a 3D assistant arm which means the work with low-profile or RUNFLAT tyres is much easier.

Trouble-free work

The table and the teeth are made of top-quality materials, which guarantees long and trouble-free operation. All it takes is regular service. The pneumatic system is ideally tight, with the air splitters and push-in fittings made by the well-known brands from this branch. The parts of the helper 3D arm allow for an easier mounting and demounting of low-profile and Run-flat tyres.

Perfect efficiency

We’ve been manufacturing this tyre changer for quite a long time. Throughout the years we introduced numerous improvements in the structure of a pneumatic column and cylinder walls so that the mix of oil and moisture does not affect it in any way.

A fully automatic tool

The name “automatic” is here for a reason – there are numerous fittings responsible for: adjusting the column back and forth (they are regulated with the use of a pedal). Also, the automatic structure allows for keeping the duckhead at a perfect distance (both vertically and horizontally) from the rim’s edge and blocking it in the previously chosen mode, whenever a column moves. Thanks to that, you can easily do the tyre change procedure without having to adjust the settings every time.

Comfortable work

The roll separates the upper part of the tyre, making it easier to insert a tyre lever inside while keeping the tyre under the tyre changer’s head. In addition, the plate puts the lower part of the tyre, putting pressure off the lower tyre bead. The “third hand” keeps the tyre lower than the rim, at the point away from the changer’s head, blocking its insertion on the rim, which makes it much easier to jaws to the edge of the rim while mounting the rim onto the tyre.



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