Valve for pressure sensor BERU TPMS-05

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SKU: 03-00-81 Category:


The TPMS-05 screw valve for TPMS sensors, type BERU, is an excellent replacement for valves in factory-installed pressure measurement systems. Fits all types of aluminum rims with a mounting hole diameter of 11.3 mm. The tightness of connections in our valves is the basis of an efficient system and a guarantee of correct pressure readings in the wheel. The valve consists of the following components:

  • metallic painted aluminum body,
  • rubber seal on the inside of the rim
  • plastic washer on the outside of the rim
  • aluminum cap
  • spring insert
  • threaded socket for mounting with pressure sensor.

NOTE – mounting screw not included

The valve is compatible with BERU sensors (total valve length 52mm)

BERU sensors are the most common in cars of the following brands: Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, for example: S122228002


Technical specifications:
Valve head diameter:
17 mm
Rim hole:
11.3mm + 0.4mm
Total height:
52 mm
TPMS Beru (selected models)
Height from the rim:
35 mm

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