1/2 " square impact universal joint

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SKU: 04-01-63 Category:


Ball joint for 1/2 ” square

How many times does such a situation happen, e.g. when repairing the suspension, that you hit a bolt that is blocked strongly and you would like to make your work easier and use a pneumatic wrench, but the access to the bolt is too narrow. There is a simple solution for this – use the ball joint for 1/2 ” sockets. Thanks to it you can tilt the handle of the wrench and work at different angles. The joint can also be used as an extension for sockets.

However, in order for the ball joint to function properly and not to fall apart after several uses, it must be extremely impact-resistant and transmit high torque at an angle. This is what joints are made of, made of the most durable chrome-molybdenum (CR-MO) tool steel. The ball socket is secured with a strong spring clamp, the pins stick rigidly into the square of the cap.


Technical specifications:
Material :
chrome molybdenum steel
Socket mandrel :
1/2 “
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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