Impact Sockets 13mm – 36mm 1/2 "

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SKU: 04-02-94 Category:


These are long sockets (78 mm) that are perfect for working with deeply embedded screws. The sockets will work on pneumatic, cross or gear wrenches.

High-quality material
The sockets are made of chrome-molybdenum steel. It is a material resistant to corrosion, stretching and high temperatures.

Convenience of work
Precisely calibrated sockets will allow for the transmission of high torque, and at the same time ensure comfort of work.

Workmanship precision
These sockets have very precisely calibrated sockets. They even transmit high torques.


Technical specifications:

Producer: REDATS

formerly the ATS brand. The change of the ATS brand name to REDATS took place in 2017.

Total height: 78 mm
Size: 20 mm
Termination: 1/2 “
Material: chrome molybdenum steel



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