BRIGHT wheel breaker rubber

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SKU: 12-02-29 Category:


What is it for?
Thanks to the punch rubber, you will never have to worry about scratching or damaging the rim when the tire is chipped off.

A permanent addition
The rubber is made of the highest quality compound and will retain its durability even after a long period of use in difficult vulcanization conditions.

Which machines does it fit?
Part fits the following BRIGHT mounters.

The product sold here is a consumable item. The warranty for this product does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs as a result of normal use.


Technical specifications:
Producer :

formerly the ATS brand. The change of the ATS brand name to REDATS took place in 2017.

Dimensions :
Length – 383 mm


Width – 115/165/185 mm


Thickness – 22 mm
Mounting holes diameter :
21 mm / 8.5 mm
Application :
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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