Butler hunter Ravaglioli Composite Foot for Tire Changer

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SKU: 12-00-18 Category:


Foot, composite head for tire changer:

HUNTER catalog number RP6-G1000A14. Models: TC Series
BUTLER catalog number G1000A14. Models: CAPTURE.3 – CAPTURE.4, AIKIDO.3 – AIKIDO.4 , A.CONCERT 4 – A.CONCERT 4 FI, A.CONCERT 3 – A.CONCERT 3 FI, KENDO.30S, KENDO.30 LIGHT – LIGHT FI, MEMOSpeed, Ergolock LL CB LL – AD LL, Dragster SL, Airdraulic ELX Combi ELX Classic ELX , ERGOLOCK CB – AD – ST
RAVAGLIOLI catalog number G1000A14. Models: G 1500.4 – 1500.3, G 1200.3 – G 1200.4, G1180.30 SLIM, G1160.30 SWIFT, G1150.30 MAGIC – 1150.30 MAGIC PLUS, G1075.ELIT – 1075.EL – 1055.ELIT – 1055.EL, G 8945 MEMORY , G1001.24ELX -G1005.EL, G1065.ELIT – 1065.EL – 1045.ELIT -1045.EL, G1061.24 ELXIT-ELX 1041.24 ELXIT-ELX.
The composite bead is the perfect solution when working with aluminum rims. Unlike metal beads with small plastic overlays, it eliminates the risk of scratching the edge of the rim to zero, and also facilitates smooth sliding of the tire along its edge, generating less resistance.

Distinguishing elements:

Precisely made profiles guarantee easy assembly / disassembly of tires with the use of a mounting spoon and resistance-free slip of the tire.
The foot is made of synthetic polymers with high mechanical strength, which guarantees extended life and resistance to cracking.
In addition, in the most sensitive place, the foot has been reinforced with ribs, stiffening the structure.

Mounting: 2 screws using an additional metal adapter.
Bolt spacing 80mm, hole diameter 8mm.


Producer : REDIT
Material : Composite
Type : footer
Fixing : 2 screws + adapter, hole diameter 8mm, bolt spacing 80mm
Warranty : 24 months
Warranty for companies : 12 months


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