Collet for 117mm quick nut holder

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SKU: 14-00-25 Category:


Pressure sleeve for a 117mm quick nut

  • After mounting the sleeve on the quick-release handle in the balancer, we increase both the distance and the diameter between the nut and the outer wall of the rim.
  • The sleeve allows the nut to be tightened freely without restricting the movements of the rim shoulders and increasing the rim clamping surface, which translates into more precise centering of the wheel on the shaft.
  • The pressure sleeve is indispensable for both steel and aluminum rims, the specific profile of which requires the use of a wider clamp and moving the nut away from the rim, due to the central hole shifted into the rim.
  • Durable and thick composite does not crumble and does not crack under pressure.
  • In the case of aluminum rims, we recommend using a rubber cover on the sleeve clamp, which protects the painted surfaces from scratching and leaves no traces.


  • outer diameter: 117 mm
  • inner diameter: 100.5 mm
  • central hole: 51 mm
  • sleeve height: 65 mm

The product sold here is a consumable item. The warranty for this product does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs as a result of normal use.


Technical specifications:
Producer :

formerly the ATS brand. The change of the ATS brand name to REDATS took place in 2017.

Material :
Outer Diameter :
117 mm
Inner Diameter :
100.5 mm
Central bore :
51 mm
Sleeve height :
65 mm
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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