High-quality REDATS W-230 passenger wheel balancer is the successor to the REDATS W-220 PRO wheel balancer. It is also an even higher standard of workmanship – the most modern electronics and excellent materials will ensure that this device will work flawlessly for a long time.

Better working comfort
This balancing machine is equipped with a foot brake, conveniently located on the right side of the housing. You only need to press it lightly to stop the spinning wheel.

Four balancing programs
Product has four balancing programs: 2 aluminum wheel balancing modes, Normal mode, and static balancing mode.

Intuitive operation
The easy-to-use control panel consists of several keys that you can easily operate even with thick gloves. You only need one balance to learn how to use this balancer!

Balancing without mistakes
The device is equipped with an auto-calibration and automatic diagnostics function. You don’t have to worry about the imprecise wheel balancing of your customers’ cars anymore – the machine will pick up mistakes for you by itself!

Wide range of applications
Thanks to this device, you can balance wheels in passenger cars and motorcycles. Measurement time – 8 seconds and a special function that allows you to mark the place of gluing the weights will significantly speed up your work.

In the package with the balancer, you will find accessories useful in everyday vulcanization work. Here is the list of items:

  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 weight pliers
  • 1 compass to measure the rim width
  • 1 quick-lock nut
  • 4x adapter (cone)
  • 1 calibration weight


Producer : REDATS
Type : W-230
Application : passenger cars and vans
Power supply : 230V 50Hz
Rim diameter : 10 “- 24”
Rim width : 1.5 “- 20”
Hidden weight program : Yes
Programs for ALU rims : 3
Auto-ALU program : ALU-S
Speech synthesizer : no
Maximum wheel weight : 65 kg
Measure cycle time : 8 seconds
Shank Diameter : 36mm (diameter) x 3mm (thread pitch)
Operators memory : no
Rotation speed : 200 rpm
Noise Level : <70 dB
Engine power : 0.2 kW
Display : LED
Min.threshold of unbalance : 1g
Shaft lock : Footbrake


Electromechanical brake

Additional Features : Autocalibration





Maximum energy consumption : 200 W.
Elevator : no
Unbalance positioner : LED diodes, acoustic signal
Automatic data input : distance and diameter
Standard equipment : Quick-action nut with rubber and sleeve


Compasses for measuring the width of the rims


4 centering cones


Calibration weight

Dimensions (H x D x W) : 1080 x 760 x 960 mm
Weight : 110 kg
Warranty for companies : 12 months (with the possibility of extension)

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