Invento SL132 3 Ton Mid-rise Scissor Lift

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SKU: KON-SL130P Category:


Mid-rise Scissor Lift INVENTO SL 132 is a floor-mounted lift for lifting vehicles weighing up to 3 tonnes to the height of 1 m.

It is perfect for tyre fitting and repair workshops and mechanical workshops, facilitating replacement of brake pads and discs.

Key information about the lift:

  • pneumatic safety lock
  • small device dimensions
  • synchronized movement of platforms
  • platform length adjustable between 1400 mm and 1940 mm
  • mobile kit for easy relocation of the lift

INVENTO SL 132 lift is equipped with the necessary safety features required for obtaining CE marking. This guarantees long and safe work in the workshop. The technicians responsible for installing the lift are certified by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). It is designed for installation in covered, enclosed areas that are free of any obstacles. Operating temperature range: from -10°C to 40°C.

Installation requirements:

The lift must be placed on a sufficiently strong concrete surface. The surface must be able to support maximum pressure, even under adverse operating conditions. The surface must also be perfectly level.


Lifting capacity: 3 000 kg
Lifting height: 1 000 mm
Minimum height: 110 mm
Platform length: 1 400 mm – 1 940 mm
Platform width: 520 mm
Scissors spacing: 700 mm
Total width: 1 760 mm
Lifting time: 60 s
Electric power supply: 380V/50 Hz
Power: 2,2 kW


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