REDATS Scissor lift L-600F 230V

SKU: L-600 Category:

SKU: L-600 Category:


Easy operation

There is a separate control panel, thanks to which you can easily switch between various options. Every function has its own button.

Wide application

With the lifting capacity of 3 tons, you can easily work with all passenger and light commercial vehicles!

Little space taken

If you are looking to save some space in your tyre or car service, getting a scissor lift is a great idea. It takes very little place, so that it fits any interior!

Trouble-free installation

The lift is good for use from the very moment you install it at your place. All it takes is position the lift on the ground and connect with the power source.

Reliability you can trust

Top-quality materials and reliable mechanical parts mean that the lift is fit for use throughout many years.


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